Turkey Tortilla Wrap


    100g FAGE Total 2%
    2 x 100g turkey breast quick cook steaks, sliced
    1 medium courgette, sliced on the diagonal
    1 tbsp Tahini paste
    2 wholemeal khobez wraps, warmed
    80g pot pomegranate seeds


  •   2 Persons

1.Heat a non-stick griddle pan over a medium-high heat. Season the turkey steaks and add to the pan. Cook for 2 minutes per side until cooked through. Transfer to a plate and add the sliced courgettes to the griddle. Increase heat to high. Cook for 1-2 minutes per side.
2.Mix the yoghurt with the tahini and season well. Warm the wraps and the yoghurt on top. Slice the turkey and scatter over with the courgettes and pomegranate. Fold the wraps and serve.