Chicken curry with yoghurt FAGE TOTAL 5%



    200 g FAGE Total 5% yoghurt, FAGE Total 2% yoghurt, FAGE Total 0% yoghurt
    200ml coconut milk
    1 courgette
    1 head of broccoli
    4 tomatoes
    3 carrots
    1 lemongrass
    10 g yellow curry paste
    200 g chickpeas
    400 g chicken breast
    9 g chicken spices
    200 ml olive oil
    A small bunch of coriander



1. Wash the broccoli and cut the vegetables into cubes.
2. Cut the chicken breast into cubes.
3. Heat half the olive oil in a large wok-style pan and cook the chicken, seasoning with the spice mix over medium-high heat until golden brown.
4. Add the vegetables and pour in the rest of the olive oil. Cut the lemongrass in two and add it to the mixture.
5. Pour in the coconut milk and curry paste, then pour in the yoghurt and chickpeas.
6. Stir and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.
7. Stir and garnish with some coriander