Experience the authentic taste of Greece with Feta Taxas from the Larissa region, now available in Switzerland through Nectra Food SA. This exquisite feta cheese, made using traditional methods and only the finest sheep’s and goat’s milk, offers a rich, creamy and tangy flavor that embodies the essence of Greek cheese-making heritage.

The unique terroir of Larissa imparts a distinctive taste profile, making Feta Taxas a true delight for cheese lovers. Perfect for enhancing salads, enriching Mediterranean dishes, or savoring on its own, Feta Taxas brings the authentic flavors of Greece straight to your Swiss table. Trust Nectra Food to deliver this premium Greek delicacy to your local Swiss supermarkets, ensuring you enjoy the highest quality feta cheese.

One of the most affordable Feta Cheese in Switzerland.

Available at Manor, Aligro and many more.


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