Good to know

Suggestions for use:

• Protect saffron from light and humidity, in this way it will keep for several years;

• only one pinch or a knife’s tip is sufficient to colour and flavour sauces, soups, fish dishes, rice, poultry; 0,10g of saffron flavours and colours approximately 250 ml of sauce, one liter of milk, 250 g of starchy foods. Attention, too much saffron may cause a medicinal taste;

• 1 kg of saffron deliciously colours and flavours approximately 50 000 plates of food, which breaks down to 0.02 g per plate;

• soak the saffron filaments in a little warm water or broth before using; this facilitates distribution of colour and savour throughout your dish;

•do not use wooden utensils. These being absorbent, we wouldn’t like to lose even the slightest particle of this precious spice.

Beware of false saffron!

Owing to its price, saffron is a victim of imitation


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