NOAN - Organic Olive Oil

Chose from the 3 varieties of Noan Olive Oils

NOAN Classic, comes from the unspoiled Pelion peninsula in the eastern part of mainland Greece. Pelion enjoys a very special reputation: a delightful Mediterranean landscape with secluded coves, lush forests and friendly people, ideal for explorers and connoisseurs who like to stay off the beaten tourist track.

NOAN Intenso - strong Italian flavour: a full-bodied and flavourful oil, wins us over with its spicy, intense character combined with a mellow touch. How can it fail to conjure up the passion, the pleasure and the warmth of the Italian way of life?

NOAN Douro - the all-rounder for connoisseurs: is the ideal oil for all gourmets and gourmands who cherish the lightness of being. The unique aromatic composition of NOAN Douro is reminiscent of the flavours of sweet fruit and invigorating mint, guaranteeing perfect freshness – day after day!

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Clean label
  • Agrocert Label

Bon à savoir

Qu'est-ce que ACRE veut dire quand on parle d'huile d'olive extra vierge?

Une sensation poivrée dans la bouche et la gorge est un signe d'une bonne huile, riche en éléments nutritionnels et fraîche.

Noan Classic 250ml

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  • Product code 3001
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The area is almost entirely covered with olive trees, most of which carry the « Amfissa », a medium-sized, round to oval olive with fine firm flesh – the fruit that is used to make our delicious NOAN Classic.


Cold pressed organic olives

Valeurs nutritionnelles

Energie 3689 kJ (881 kcal)
dont acides gras saturés14.7g
dont sucres0g