Founded in 1986, NECTRA FOOD SA is a family owned and operated company which chose to specialize in the importation, promotion and distribution of high quality specialty food.

Since the day of its creation, NECTRA FOOD remains faithful to the guiding principle of its founders:

“Our name must be synonym of Quality”

Guided by this precept, NECTRA FOOD is intransigent on the observation of a of total quality control system (TQM). It chooses only the best products available on the market, from the best suppliers to bring an irreproachable service to its customers.

In addition to these subjective criteria, each product candidate for an introduction on the market is subjected to a detailed analysis, whose results are at the disposal of our customers. Thus, we make sure on the one hand of its conformity to the Swiss legal standards, on the other hand that it corresponds to our internal standards of quality.

Choosing products

Constantly listening to the needs and expectations of its Swiss consumers, NECTRA FOOD knows how to identify the specialties and trends to offer the best products to its customers.

Choosing suppliers

NECTRA FOOD carries out a rigorous selection of supplier-producers for which it is an exclusive importer.

NECTRA FOOD chooses its suppliers, according to criteria such as their experience in exporting, their success on other European and world markets, their standards of quality in the manufacturing processes, in distribution and in services, their flexibility (delivery period, modification of packing, etc), their financial solidity and their deontology.

By frequent visits to its suppliers and by maintaining a permanent contact with its customers, NECTRA FOOD ensures to match the needs its customers in the development of new products.

In return, the constant information received by its suppliers, concerning new products development and technological innovations allows NECTRA FOOD to select, recommend and advise top quality products to its customers.


Our warehouses are located in Etoy, in the canton of Vaud and are certified ISO-14001, ISO-22000 and BioSuisse.

Ideally located between Lausanne and Geneva, Etoy is situated between two exits: Morges Ouest coming from Lausanne and Allaman coming from Geneva.

The roof of our main warehouse is entirely covered with photovoltaic solar panels. Thanks to them, 90% of our energy needs are covered by the sun. This allows us to reduce our impact on the environment we cherish.

In order to offer the best possible distribution service, we have entrusted our deliveries to the largest transport groups in Switzerland.

NECTRA FOOD is thus able to guarantee a flexible and effective distribution system and an irreproachable quality of delivery. The confidence we gained since many years from Groups such as COOP, MIGROS, MANOR or ALIGRO confirms it.¶

Promotion and Information

NECTRA FOOD, in collaboration with its suppliers, organizes days of tasting on points of sales, in order to better make known the products referred in the stores and learn about the opinion of the consumers.

Lastly, so that the managers of the stores, the heads of department and the salesmen may offer better information to the consumers, we also proceed to technical and commercial presentations of our products by visiting the points of sales.